The Most Popular Boy Cat Names

most popular cat names

Looking For Good Cartoon Cat Names?

Cat Names 101

You must be thinking about the cutest cat names if you have just got the cuddly little creatures. Cats make adorable pets and offer you companionship and love. Choosing a catchy name goes a long way in endearing your cat to family members and strangers alike. What should be the name like? Gender plays a role as you cannot name a female Boris, for example. Doris will be a better name in this case. Good boy cat names are those that accentuate the animal’s personality. You cannot name a burly feline babycakes, for example.


Start with the gender and think about the names you can give to your cat. Boy cat names are vastly different from those given to girl cats and for obvious reasons. You can also use gender neutral names like Lee or Stu but these will be without character. Who will be able to tell the difference between the boy and girl cat? Those having a history of pet cats can but novice would be hard pressed. It is thus better to assign gender-specific names. Did you like a particular male character in a movie or a TV show? Name your cat the same and you will be able to have an in-house celebrity. You love cartoons? Tom appears to be the most famous cat in the world and you can name your cat the same.

Color and Breed

Cartoon cat names never go out of vogue. Felix is as popular as it was a decade ago, or two. It is a perfect name for a big male cat that is of black or brownish hues. Siamese cats are cuddlier than the Persian ones, according to some people. Others sing praises of the Egyptian breeds. You can pick a name that accentuates the origins of the cat. Cleopetra for female Egyptian species will be a good idea and Rameses is not bad for males. Consideration of color and breed goes a long way in ensuring that your cat will have a name that best suits his or her personality.

Popular Names

The most popular cat names are those that you heard on TV or movies. Tom, for example, is the most famous cat that has been adored by people of all ages. Felix is another popular cat that enjoys great popularity. There are many fan clubs associated with these two characters. Butch, another popular male cat associated with Tom and Jerry can be ideal if you have a cat with black and white strips. Butch is associated with manliness anyway and your male cat can woo the neighborhood females. Unless you have opted for the spayed cats. Other popular cat names include those based on celebrities such as Brad, Angelina, Nicole or Amelia, for example.

Thinking about cat names on the lines of color, breed and your personal favorites will make things easier. Do not shy away from peculiar names either such as butter puff or candy. The objective is to create a name that is endearing yet carries a funny element.